CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

Customers support small local farms by paying in full for the season before it starts and then using up their balance over the season. Our CSA is the most flexible and gives the customer the most control.

Having a CSA membership gives you a 15% discount on the per-unit price. Click here to view summer 2017 prices by crop type.

For all farm products!

  • Best prices - guaranteed!
  • Sign-up available until all membership slots are taken.
  • Purchase against your balance at your pace throughout the season. Your balance is valid for produce for two seasons.
  • Submit your order then pick it up at the farm, or have it shipped. Shipping is only available for certain crop types.
    • Shipping cost is deducted from your balance.
    • Shipping via US Postal Service
      1. Box A – max 15 lbs; $8.50 shipping & handling in USPS zones 1&2; or
      2. Box B – max 20 lbs; $11 shipping & handling in USPS zones 1&2
    • Shipping dates Tuesday/Wednesday only; order deadline is midnight Sunday.
    • Delivery within 1-2 days in NJ, 2-3 days for most nearby PA/NY locations.

Some crops are sold by the pound (e.g. cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.), others by the head (e.g. lettuce, cabbage, etc.) and others by the bunch (e.g. basil, chard, kale, etc.).  Each unit of measurement (pound/ head/ bunch) is sold at a flat price, to which your discount level is applied.  We will not ship sensitive leafy vegetables in the summer, ripe fruit (like tomatoes), or fragile products (like eggs or glass jars of honey); those will be pick-up only.

Before becoming a CSA member,  you must read and agree to the CSA Membership Terms.   CLICK HERE.