How do Good Tree Farm's price compare with other farms, supermarkets, or specialty markets? 

Our prices are equal to or ~25% less than the price of the conventional produce you get from regular supermarkets.  Conventional produce sold by supermarkets is sprayed with herbicides to control weeds, and pesticides to control insect pests.  Residue and breakdown molecules from these harmful chemicals can be found in high quantity in conventional produce.

Our prices are often more than 70% less than specialty organic markets (example  Whole Foods and Wegmans).   Organic specialty markets charge very high prices for their organic produce and it is often trucked in from Mexico, California or Florida. - or even flown in from China!  Sometimes the quality is quite poor as well.

Does Good Tree Farm sell only at the farm?

We do not have enough farm employees so we can't go to many farmers markets.  But we try to go to one or two each season, should things go well weather wise in spring.  But the best way to get out products is via shipping.  We use the US Postal Service and most addresses receive their produce in 24-48 hours.  We can ship to your home or work address.  Shipping costs for many people will be less than the cost of fuel, vehicle use, and personal time to drive to the farm.  However, some products (like eggs and meat) will require pick up at the farm.   Our farm stand hours vary season by season, so please check the website and Facebook page mid-end of May for farm stand hours.

What can I buy at Good Tree Farm?

Fresh Crops:

leafy greens (like Kale, Chard, Lettuce),

root crops (like Beets, Turnips, Radish),

fruit crops (like Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Squash), ,

field fruits (Watermelon, Cantaloup, Honeydew), and

herbs (like Sage, Thyme, Oregano, Arugula).

Dried Crops:



Hot Pepper

Honey (from June)

Pollen (from June)

Eggs (from July)

Dairy (Product of Fulper Family Farmstead in Lambertville - not labelled organic)

Any other benefits if I buy from Good Tree Farm?

Get access to great discounts from some great businesses co-promoting with us this year. Here is the starting list, and more will be added later;


Integrative Wellness Group, I.W.G.

Local Urban Kitchen, L.U.K. Restaurant

50% discount on access fee to the Health & Wellness Fairs (Spring Fair: June,  and Fall Fair: October)

Volunteer in our eco-environmental stewardship efforts at the farm and feel great about your role in preserving native plant, insect and animal species, central Jersey wildlife, and a community owned certified organic farm. 

Live your values by supporting us!!