We have the following produce currently available, which can be picked up on Sundays.

If you would like to purchase any of the below crops, please email us at info@goodtreefarm.com with the quantities desired and when you will be arriving on Sundays within a 15-minute time-range.

Tomatoes (cherry, plum, other)
Green peppers
Hot peppers
Bunching onions
Purple beans
Cinnamon basil

The price for all is $1.50/lb/bunch. 

We are a locally-owned, sustainable, organic farm providing safe, wholesome organic food to central Jersey. We have been certified organic by the NJ Department of Agriculture.  We believe food production should be a fundamental aspect of local food security and that it should be carried out in a manner that does no harm to people and planet. 

Apart from farming organically, our business ethics include practicing environmental stewardship and ecology preservation at the farm.   We also want our farm to be a force of good on the social justice front.  Click here.

Feel free to email us if you would like to help, participate or learn more about this.

Every year, we plant a selection of vegetables, herbs, fruit, root and seed crops. The weather has the greatest impact on how well each crop does, so check our crop status by mid May to know what we expect to have through end of Fall. We have honey from our bee hives and the bees aid with crop pollination and fruit/seed set.

Our customers can buy from our farm directly or at the farmers markets we attend (check here by mid May).  Additionally, we serve our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members. Those interested in the CSA program click here.