Our objectives extend beyond making a profit as an agribusiness.  We seek to use Good Tree Farm as a catalyst of change for the common good.  Our strategic partner in achieving these social responsibility goals is the tax-exempt 501c3 The Good Tree Inc.  Click on the name to see more about them.

Through our business, we hope to:

  • Promote better nutritional habits and offer affordable prices.

  • Provide organic botanical products in the areas of; personal care products, natural cleaning products, and functional foods.

  • Give entrepreneurship opportunities to youth from socioeconomically disadvantaged faith communities.

  • Bring people of different faiths and beliefs together around the common-cause of caring for all.

The four objectives listed above will never be completed or accomplished, so to speak. They are life-time objectives. 

Join us in this most blessed of life-commitments, to do good in the world and unto others.

Through this multiplicity of purposes, Good Tree Farm will be an agribusiness ethically grounded in the common good.

Hisham Moharram, PhD.
Founder and CEO,
Good Tree Farm of New Egypt