Our objectives extend beyond making a profit as an agribusiness.  We seek to use Good Tree Farm as a catalyst of change for the common good.  Our strategic partner in achieving these social responsibility goals is The Good Tree Inc.  Click on the name to see more about them.

Through our business, we hope to:

    • Promote improved eating and nutritional habits and to do so at affordable prices.   This is not only good for us from the perspective of business competitiveness, but it is also good for our customers personal health and financial well-being. 
    • Provide healthier, safer botanically based and sourced alternative products in the areas of personal care products, natural cleaning products, and functional foods to our local and regional markets.
    • Use our business to help and uplift those who have hit hard times and find themselves homeless and/or unemployable by providing them with free-food and income opportunities in the value-added food economy through our business incubator program.
    • Bring people of different faiths and beliefs together around the common-cause of caring for the poor and needy, helping the disadvantaged and empowering the downtrodden and disenfranchised.  We hope to do all this, and do our part for environmental stewardship, and ecological protection at the same time.

      The four objectives listed above will never be completed or accomplished, so to speak. They are life-time objectives. 

      Join us in this most blessed of life-commitments, to do good in the world and unto others.

      There is another aspect which goes hand-in-hand with the issue of healthier eating habits, and that is healthier living habits.  Through community activities at Good Tree Farm, we hope to encourage better living habits among our investors, customers and local community.  Physical exercise and general fitness are crucial to developing and maintaining improved health and are directly affected by the healthfulness of the food we eat.  On our farm, activities and festivals that allow people to participate in fun, fulfilling physical activities and cause them to exert energy and burn calories will be provided and facilitated. 

        Through this multiplicity of purposes, Good Tree Farm will be an agribusiness ethically grounded in the common good.

        Hisham Moharram, PhD.
        Founder and CEO,
        Good Tree Farm of New Egypt