Interested in becoming one of the owners and being involved long-term?

Those who would like to become part-owners of the farm can do so by working the farm with us in return for share ownership.

You can own shares in both the land and the agribusiness that operates it without putting money in. Just commit to working with us the seasonal hours as detailed below. By putting in your time and effort you can become a share owner and increase your ownership year after year. You must be a US citizen. You do not get the ownership shares until you have accumulated a minimum of 170 hours. Why this condition? Because we want only the committed to become owners of this project. Those who cannot commit (or who can but do not want to) can continue to learn and share in the potential profit by volunteering whenever it suits their schedule. Though we cannot ‘count’ on them, they will still be very welcome as volunteers whenever they are able.

Required hours distribution:

  1. Late winter through spring (Jan 2 till June 17: 24 weeks) 72 hours over 24 weekends = 3 hrs/week.

  2. Summer (June 18 - September 23: 14 weeks) 56 hours over 14 weeks = 4 hrs/week.

  3. Fall through early winter (September 24 - Dec 30: 14 weeks) 42 hours over 14 weekends = 3 hrs/week.

Once you complete 170 hours, you will receive: •17 ownership shares in the land (Crescent Farmland of New Egypt, LLC) - 102 hours @ 6hrs/share = 17 shares•17 ownership shares in the agribusiness (Good Tree Farm of New Egypt, LLC) - 68 hours @ 4hrs/share = 17 shares

The above is based on weekends because most adults are working regular jobs during the week, but helping us with some hours during week days is very important and welcomed. Anyone putting in more hours than the minimum will receive ownership shares for those as well.

We will have hot water for herbal tea, hot chocolate, coffee, etc. but you are responsible to bring your own food. Prepare 'work' clothes and foot-wear for the messy tasks we will occasionally do. Prepare yourself with a 'can do' attitude for the physical work. It can get a little tough at the beginning for those who are not physically active by habit. Everyone is encouraged to do spiritual/faith-based reflection, contemplation and meditation regarding what we are doing and its impact.

Be 'spiritually intentional' as you assist us in achieving the objectives of the Good Tree Farm Project's objectives.