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82 Jacobstown Rd
New Egypt, NJ, 08533
United States


We are a community-initiated, locally-owned, sustainable agriculture farm - focused on providing wholesome and safe food by growing organically. We are Certified Organic by the NJ Dept of Agriculture.

We apply environmental stewardship in all our farming activities. Every year, we plant a large selection of vegetables, herbs, fruit and root and seed crops. We have bee hives for our honey and to aid with crop pollination. We provide our customers with both healthy food and opportunities for healthy living through on-farm community activities.

We sell mostly through our CSA Discount Club (sign up now!). But we also sell, at higher prices, at our farm stand. WE ALSO SHIP - home or work!


Check out our summer newsletter for all of our latest updates!

Updated Farm Stand Hours (as of July 8):

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday -Moving to New Egypt Agway starting Thursday September 7 2014
  • Saturday & Sunday 11-3

Farmers Markets:

  • Saturday - Asbury Fresh - 11am

CSA Pick Up Hours:

  • Tuesday & Thursday 5-6:30
  • Saturday & Sunday 11-3

We are a locally-owned, sustainable farm providing safe, wholesome and certified organic food. We are certified organic by the NJ Department of Agriculture.  We believe food production should be a fundamental aspect of local food security and that it should be carried out in a manner that does the least harm to people and planet.  Apart from farming organically, our business plan includes caring for the environment and ecology of the farm.  Spring 2014 will see the start of several environmental/ecological stewardship projects at Good Tree Farm of New Egypt.  Feel free to email us if you would like to help, participate or learn more about this.

Every year, we plant a large selection of vegetables, herbs, fruit, root and seed crops. The weather has the greatest impact on how well each crop does.  So check our crop status by mid May to know what we expect to have through end of Fall.

We have honey from our bee hives and the bees aid with crop pollination and fruit/seed set.  Starting 2014, we will be having limited quantities of bee pollen as well.

We expect to have poultry (and eggs) by July 2014.  This is a new activity which we have been planning/trying to start for the last three years. We plan to have cage-free / free-range chickens and Turkey, but we are considering other types of birds as well.  Stay tuned for updates on this.

We provide our customers with both healthy food and opportunities for healthy living through on-farm community activities.  Starting 2014, we shall begin having Spring and Fall Health & Wellness Fairs at the farm.  The Spring Fair is planned for the first or second weekend of June.  Exact date to be finalized mid May.  Local businesses interested in becoming vendors in our Health & Wellness Fair should contact us by email for details on how to participate.

We sell our crops mostly through our CSA discount club.  Membership in our CSA Discount Club gives you access to very good discounts and co-promotions by other businesses who's products or services complement our business mission. If you choose not to become a CSA member, you can buy from us at the farm-stand at the regular un-discounted prices.  Orders placed on our website (click on Shop) can be shipped or picked up.  Specials on some crops are frequent during the July-October period.

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