The Good Tree Farm Project: not just to grow food!

The similitude of a Good Word is that of a Good Tree, Its roots are firmly anchored to the ground and its branches reaching up into the sky * It brings forth its fruit at prescribed times as ordained by its Lord and Creator, And so does God set forth parables for people that they may remember.

Qur'an 14:24-25

(Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but the corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit).

Mathew 7:17

(For there is no good tree that bringeth forth corrupt fruit; nor again a corrupt tree that bringeth forth good fruit).

Luke 6:43

(He who has more learning than good deeds is like a tree with many branches but weak roots; the first great storm will throw it to the ground. He whose good works are greater than his knowledge is like a tree with fewer branches but with strong and spreading roots, a tree which all the winds of heaven cannot uproot).


Faith-based food projects are a powerful means by which individuals from different faiths can work together to achieve the common good. We believe that people's health and the health of the environment are greatly linked and directly impacted by how food is produced, and the lifestyles people choose to live by. 

  • If you ever wanted to 'do something' to help heal the environment; join us!
  • If you ever wanted to grow healthy food and use it to 'feed those in need and the less fortunate'; join us!
  • If you ever wanted to put the values and ethics of your faith 'into real-life practice'; join us!
  • If you ever wanted to practice acceptance of others different than you and live in compassion; join us!
  • If you ever wanted to build a community of tolerance and celebrate humanity's uniqueness; join us!

We invite people who want to produce food locally, use it to feed and heal themselves and others, and lift up those less fortunate among us - to join our Good Tree project.  

We place great value on our farm's produce being made available to the most needy and disadvantaged and we make our food accessible to them through our sister nonprofit corporation, The Good Tree, Inc.

We are family-focused because we believe the health and well-being of any society begins in the home, and that the family is the most important building block of society. 

We strive to be a place where families can enjoy getting in touch with where their food comes from, have the opportunity to positively impact global issues like pollution-induced climate change, and contribute to reducing socioeconomic inequities in food access.  Living by the saying 'Think Global; Act Local'.

Hisham Moharram, PhD. (Resume)
Founder and CEO,
Good Tree Farm of New Egypt